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Monetical.Online is our AI platform  with a series of predefined project implementation roadmaps that deliver the necessary analytical, process and infrastructure capabilities to onboard Agile teams, address performance challenges and mature their Agile Ways of Working.

Core capabilities:

  • Implementation management

  • Scope management

  • Implementation boards

  • Staff management

  • Performance assessment

  • Schedule management (Sprints & Kanban)

Monetical.Methods is series of Agile capability and maturity assessments connected to the industry's largest collection of structured Agile best practices.

Provides Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters and Change Agents with the necessary knowledge to evaluate, adopt and optimise their Agile Ways of Working across the organisation.

Key capabilities and repositories:

  • 7 dedicated Agile capability and maturity assessments

  • Tailored performance and maturity reports

  • Library of 250+ recommended performance improvement actions (i.e. Open Stories)

Retrospective.Guru is a unique performance analysis tool that ensures teams focus on measuring performance and identifying the true source of performance challenges rather than dealing simply with the symptoms.

Core features:

  • 500+ Predefined comments

  • 200+ Agile capability measures

  • 1,200+ RCA pathways

  • 240 Predefined corrective measures

  • 3 Enterprise capability audits

Nowhere else do you find so much structured agile knowledge

"Monetical provided immediate and cost effective access to the right Agile expertise.”

Dr Nick Gaunt - Chief Information & Knowledge Officer.
NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement


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The Monetical Preview Program is open to individual consultants and contractors, and a select number of organisations. As a member of our preview program you will receive preferential access to new modules and features prior to their commercial release.

Your feedback and suggestions will help us make our product and knowledge base even better and become a member of a professional network working on emerging techniques that will influence and shape how an Agile Mindset and Agile Ways or Working develop across the industry.

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Become a member of the Monetical community of Agile consultants:

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Retain influence and control to maintain a healthy stream of assignments for the next decade in response to traditional consulting firms muscling in on your client base.

As a member of a growing network of experienced consultants and the support of the Monetical organisation will enable you to extend your Agile expertise and services:

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