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On behalf of the entire Monetical team and our network of consultants, partners and suppliers - Welcome!

Since starting life as an Agile consulting company in 2009 we have become a fully-fledge technology company by creating a unique AI platform specifically designed to help organisations evaluate, adopt and optimise their Agile capabilities.

Our suite of applications, knowledge bases and intelligent workflows allow for the first time organisations to become truly Agile on their own by exploiting the experience of others to:

  • appoint and mobilise new Agile Teams and Squads

  • constantly improve their own Agile maturity

  • effectively identify the underlying factors impacting performance

  • access a wealth of industry knowledge and best practices

  • carryout successful retrospectives across a high distributed organisation

  • effectively benchmark current performance with industry peers

  • efficiently convert unstructured experience into structured knowledge

  • continuously learn and share knowledge through professional networks


MONETICAL is the combination of two words:

Monet - You need to take a holistic view of an impressionist piece of work to determine whether it’s a masterpiece. You can’t tell by studying the individual brushstrokes, although this is how it was created. The same goes for an organisation made-up of many individual projects, functions and departments.

Analytical - A word meaning “scientific examination of facts and information”. It isn’t until you invest the time and energy analysing the make-up and reason for the performance of each function in a scientific and fact-based manner can you make the necessary incremental improvements.



Our very first consulting assignment in 2009 helped a global telco company answer one specific questions:

"What characteristics of their €18B a year software and I.T. activities had a positive or a negative effect on their performance?”

Monetical.Methods was developed to enable the efficient benchmarking of their software and I.T activities across 6 different countries representing an annual investment in excess of €900M against industry best-practices. Working closely with an number of subject matter experts and thought-leaders (see below) we developed a number of digital questionnaires linked to our first collection of corrective measures, (what we refer today as Open Stories™) enabling the client to optimise their performance and promote best-practices.

Intelligent Agile networks

Intelligent Agile networks

Monetical, a holistic assessment of an Agile organisation's make-up to identify factors influencing performance.




Continuing to invest heavily in our AI platform Monetical.Online and expand our library of structured knowledge, Monetical.Methods, helps organisations exploit industry-wide best practices and effectively address performance challenges uncovered whilst using our Agile Capability and Maturity Assessments or our Retrospective.Guru application.

From the very beginning industry and awarding bodies have recognised the novel approach we have taken to empower Agile organisations.

  • 2014 AIIM Customer Presentation

  • 2013 UK Public Sector Discussion Panel Member

  • 2012 TechEuro Runner-up

  • 2011 National Health Service Project Turnaround

  • 2011 National Computer Centre Publication

  • 2009 British Computer Society Runner-up



We have collaborated with a number of Europe's leading subject matter experts and thought-leaders.