Some of the organisations we have provided training and coaching to:




This 1-day joint Tribe Lead and Product Owner foundation course teaches the techniques necessary for leading an effective Agile tribe or squad.

Combining traditional classroom teaching techniques with practical exercises and an extensive catalogue of real-world examples, participants will leave the course ready to take control of a newly formed tribe or squad.

Course content:

  • Leadership style and self-reflection
  • Supporting the Agile transformation
  • Digital business environment
  • Your role as an Agile Leader
  • Key principles - complexity and matrix reporting
  • Managing risk and engaging stakeholders
  • Building a community around our products
  • Create a cultural shift 
  • Business goals management


Course content:

  • What makes a great Product Owner
  • Creating a Product Backlog
  • Implementation Roadmap
  • Agile Ceremonies - Your role
  • Stakeholder and customer management
  • Preparing for Sprint 0

Building on the content of the Tribe Leader and Product Owner Foundation course, this additional 1-day course teaches the mechanics of how to take complete ownership of the product vision, steer the project team to success, and ensure uninterrupted engagement with your stakeholders and customers.


Course content:

  • Whose who in an Agile organisation
  • Key roles and responsibilities explained 
  • Origins of Agile, Agile Manifesto and 12 Principles
  • Typical Agile led project life cycle
  • Agile Ceremonies explained
  • Demistifying Sprints, Scrum and Kanban
  • Reporting within an Agile organisation
  • Case studies and games
  • Agile terminology explaines

Our 2-day Agile Foundation Awareness course is a must for any newcomer to Agile, providing an introduction to Agile concepts, methods and terminology.

Day 1 starts with an introduction to the history of Agile, its manifesto and the 12 principles. Participants are then divided into groups to take part in a number of selected Agile games that explain the concepts of Agile estimating, self-organising, sprints and retrospectives. 

Day 2 walks participants through a typical project lifecycle, i.e. product backlog, personas, user journeys, user stories and sprint reviews. 

agile coaching (2 DAYS)

Course content:

  • Your role as an Agile Coach
  • Team roles and organisational structures
  • Coaching techniques
  • On-boarding Agile project teams and squads
  • Effective retrospective management
  • Reporting (scope, financial and staffing)

This 2-day course is based on a comprehensive walkthrough of a typical Sprint cycle to provide an extensive insight into potential performance challenges and optimisation opportunities. Tailored towards recently Certified Scrum Masters who wish to move their careers to the next level, this course is full of practical examples of how newly formed team and squad members can make the most of their empowerment. 

tailored courses (FLEX)

Topic options:

  • Creating your target Agile operating model
  • Spotify model explained
  • Resource management and career development
  • Evaluating, adopting and scaling Agile
  • Business goals, KPI and performance management
  • Agile for non-managers and executives
  • Recruiting for your Agile teams

We also offer a series of consulting options that explain and teach specific Agile concepts and methods tailored to your organisation's needs.

These courses are typically taught over a two days to a maximum of 8 participants on a single topic (i.e. project performance and governance or financial management and resource management) or role (i.e. Product Owner or Scrum Master).

All our training courses use a combination of classroom presentation, working examples and a number of practical exercises,  e.g. pin ball, scrum lego, aircraft factory and opening a restaurant.

how to book a place

We run our courses at a number of venues across Europe as well as delivering them on our client's premises.  Course fees are based on an individual attendance per day per course. Sessions are typically limited to a maximum number of 18 participants per day to ensure a high quality of training.

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