Agile Organisational Expertise at your fingertips

trial - experience the benefit

Free-of-charge access to Monetical.Online helps you and your organisation fully appreciate the capabilities of this unique AI platform and its repository of structure expertise Monetical.Methods and unrivalled performance analysis tool Retrospective.Guru.

The 45 days free evaluation comes complete with the ability to create and access:

  • 10 named user accounts

  • 2 active projects

  • Create unlimited Retrospective Sessions

  • Agile Capability and Maturity Assessments

  • Sprint and Kanban boards

  • Community support and documentation

ENTERPRISE - monthly

  • Full access to Monetical retrospective comments

  • Full access to Agile Capability Assessments

  • Access to Monetical library of root cause pathways

  • Ability to develop your own root cause pathways

  • Access to library of Certified Corrective Measures

  • Full access to Monetical Playbooks and Open Stories

  • Access to Open Story implementation support

  • Dedicated technical support and documentation

ENTERPRISE is a scalable subscription model:

Monthly subscription fees are based on single user accounts: GBP 12 - EUR 12 - USD 16. Minimum subscription size and period applies: Groups of 10 users for a period of 3 months.