10 Years of Constant Improvement

Monetical.Online, Retrospective.Guru and Monetical.Methods have all seen constant improvement since 2009.

New features, retrospective and assessment repositories, corrective measures, new and improved reports, several new project templates that deliver the knowledge, processes and tools, enable Agile Coaches, Change Agents and Scrum Master evaluate, adopt and optimise their organisations Agile capability.

Release History

2019 - QUARTER 2 - Roadmap

A preview of our Q2 Product Backlog:

  • Quick list views for Capability Assessments

  • Support for Account Capability Assessments

  • Improvements to Account and User Management

  • Open Stories to contain quick links to additional support material

  • My Profile (Account) enhancements

  • Visual Management Capability Assessment

  • More publications to our Knowledge Base


2019 - Quarter 1

Three new features were released before the end March 2019 providing additional support for individual Agile by Design Transformational Programs.

22 Leadership Assessment Questions

22 Leadership Assessment Questions

Agile Leadership assessment

Helping the Coaching and HR community within the organisation identity and manage the ongoing introduction of Agile Leadership best-practices with a dedicated capability assessment. An associated library of recommended behavioural and organisational best-practices assist in the planning and delivery of additional coaching and training.


Agile Adoption Strategy PROJECT TEMPLATE 

A new Monetical.Online project template consists of approx 50 Open Stories guide the organisation through the prelaunch activities to ensure teams are setup for success. Including organisation and team design, stakeholder engagement, leadership buy-in and the creation of an L&D strategy.

Two New Project Templates

Two New Project Templates

Continuous Optimisation (Mindset & AWoW)

Two new project templates provide guidance on how and when to carryout a retrospective or capability assessment designed to continuously optimise both an Agile Mindset and Agile Ways of Working within the organisation in response to a constantly changing operational and commercial landscape.

2018 - Quarter 4

Converting unstructured retrospective comments into structured organisational knowledge

Converting unstructured retrospective comments into structured organisational knowledge



linking retrospective comments

Rapidly establish where to assign your valuable Agile Coaching and Change Agent expertise to ensure the organisation creates as quickly as possible a small number of lighthouse teams, which become the point of reference for good practice for the rest of your Agile transformation.

Gain access to a library of recommended best-practices and corrective measures to address common retrospective challenges. New linking feature connects unstructured project retrospective comments with a library of community retrospective comments.

2018 - Quarter 3

Between July and September 2018 saw the development and release of two new core modules that provide Agile Coaches and Change Agents with a unique insight into the maturity of their core Agile capabilities and the means to exploit an ever-growing library of performance improvement actions.

45 Additional Best Practices added to the Community Library

45 Additional Best Practices added to the Community Library

operating model maturity dashboard

Expanding library of best practices

An newly integrated library of recommended best-practices empowers individual teams to identify and implement the most appropriate performance improvement solution.

A new Agile Maturity dashboard shows clearly how 10 core characteristics of the organisation’s Agile Maturity has progressed over the course of the past quarter.

2018 - Quarter 2


A time-based report shows clearly how the capability of a team is on a path of constant improvement fuelled by access to a wealth of best-practices that empower them to address current operational and commercial challenges that an individual Capability Assessment has revealed.

2018 - Quarter 1


In the first quarter of 2018 we completed the migration of our entire technology platform and services to Microsoft’s Cloud platform - Azure. Azure delivers an array of internal and external benefits, including, a dynamic scalable platform. For our Customers it introduced a wealth of privacy and security compliance improvements, ensuring our customers can be confident their data is being stored and managed compliant with current regulations.

2017 - All quarters

Through 2017 we released a combination of new features and enhancements across all three application, Monetical.Online, Retrospective.Guru and Monetical.Methods.


  • Redesign of Assessment Board User Interface

  • Integrated Community Discussion Threads

  • Sprint and Kanban Board Saved Views

  • Multiple Retrospective Session Types

  • Additional Filters on Assessment Board


  • Support Portal & Community Knowledge Base

  • Community Ratings for all Open Stories

  • Cumulative Flow Diagram for Kanban Board

  • Expertise Library for Retrospective Comments

  • Enhanced Account and User Management