Predefined Agile Program templates

Standardised program workflow guides Coaches, Scrum Masters and Change Agents through the program set-up of the appropriate product backlog and its predefined implementation roadmap, complete with recommended tasks, maturity assessments and retrospective sessions.

Program Details

Program Details

Program Template Goals

Program Template Goals

Program Schedule

Program Schedule

Predefined Program Board

Predefined Program Board


Defining an Agile Organisational Blueprint

Efficient Organisation Design (Pre-launch)

A predefined product backlog guides Agile Transformational Teams and Stakeholders through the completion of approximately 40 Open Stories across the following topics to successfully define a new Agile Organisational Blueprint.

  • Define a new target operating model

  • Creating an HR transition plan

  • Identify facilities and technology needs

  • Revise and create new governance frameworks and policies

Designing an Agile Organisation

efficient agile organisational design (pre-launch)

A predefined product backlog guides Agile Coaches, Business Managers and Change Leads through the completion of approximately 50 Open Stories across the following topics to ensure newly formed teams and squads are set-up for success.

  • Agile Analysis & Design

  • Organisation or Tribe Design (Goals)

  • Team or Squad Design

  • Agile Design Activities

  • Stakeholders & 3rd Party Engagement

  • Communication Strategy

  • Learning & Development Strategy

  • Pre-launch Preparation (Pre-Sprint 0 or Kick off) 

  • Leadership Buy-in (Go/No Go)


Creating an Agile Organisation

efficient team or squad mobilisation

Exploiting the industry's largest repository of structured knowledge enables the adoption and optimisation of Agile Ways of Working. Consisting of approximately 45 Open Stories these predefined project tasks enable newly formed Agile teams to exploit best practices as part of an Agile transformation program across their entire organisation.

  • An efficient 90-day team or squad mobilisation experience

  • Incorporating staff training, backlog development, ceremony setup and reporting methods

  • Integrated Agile maturity assessments with performance improvement

  • Scheduled team or squad mobilisation retrospectives


Optimising an Agile Organisation

agile capability and maturity assessment

A comprehensive suite of Agile Capability Assessments and associated corrective measures helps Change Agents, Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters perform an in-depth analysis of its Agile Transformational program and address any operational and commercial challenges it uncovers. The range of assessment types ensure every aspects of the organisation's performance is optimised whether the assessments are carried out at an individual project or organisational level.

  • Agile Leadership Style

  • Agile Ways of Working

  • 12 Agile Principles

  • Team or Squad Health Check

  • Agile Awareness and Readiness

  • Organisational Agile Maturity

intelligent retrospective management

A predefined product backlog consisting of a series of Retrospective Sessions templates and a framework for managing the implementation of recommended corrective measures. An intelligent retrospective solution that allows Scrum Master, Change Agent or Agile Coaches to efficiently capture operational and commercial comments from a highly distributed organisation, perform root cause analysis and exploit an ever-growing library of recommended corrective measures design to address recurring performance challenges and help identify and promote best practices.

  • Predefined Retrospective Workflow

  • Recommended Retrospective Schedule

  • Retrospective Management Training

  • Performance Management and Reporting