Open Stories™ Explained


Open Story (plural Open Stories) was a term first coined by Monetical in 2011.

It is the term given to User Stories that have been authored by Monetical and added to the community library of activities making them available to all Monetical users.


Open Stories make-up Monetical.Online project templates to promote best practices.

Open Stories are published as recommended corrective measures or best practices via the Expertise feature with:

  • Monetical.Methods - linked to individual Assessment Questions

  • Retrospective.Guru - linked to individual Community Comments

A DISCUSS link within many of the Open Story dialog boxes grants access to a dedicated discussion thread. The discussion thread helps individual project teams learn more about an individual Open Story to establish its suitability for their particular project.



Following the adoption and completing an Open Story project owners are encouraged to rate the value it had. The Ratings star that is displayed alongside individual Open Stories within the Expertise dialog helps project owners quickly determine which Open Story is most suitable.