Optimise Your Agile Capability

  • Team or Squad Awareness & Readiness

  • Agile 12 Principles adoption

  • Team or Squad Health Check

  • Agile Ways of Working

  • Agile Organisational Maturity

  • Agile Leadership Styles

Assess a specific element of your team, squad or organisation using one of several Monetical.Methods Agile capability and maturity assessments.

Leverage the connection to a library of the industry’s largest repository of recommended performance improvement measures (Open Stories) designed to help you become a truly Agile organisation by guiding you through the adoption of 'Agile Ways of Working' best practices. 



Clear and concise assessment capture board

Whether you chose to solicit responses from individuals or via a group discussion, each collection of assessment questions are clearly and concisely presented.


Individual responses

  • Invitations are sent by email

  • Clear and concise presentation of each questions

  • Clear and concise individual response options

  • Participants respond in their own time

  • Responses are anonymous

  • Discrete response data for easy analysis

Each response option consists of 5 individual options that represent a maturity scale.


consolidates Assessment response index


expert support to help address performance challenges

With a series of recommended ‘corrective measures’ associated to each assessment item, project teams know how to improve their capability. Ratings and links to discussion threads help prioritise selection. An assign feature enables Coaches, Scrum Masters or Change Agents quickly assign the corrective measures to a specific sprint or their kanban board.


track capability progress

Track the combined capability of individual, squad and organisation and evaluate the impact of the selected corrective measures. 


revealing specific organisational capabilities

Summarising the organisation’s Agile maturity against 10 specific Agile transformational topics.


Agile Maturity and Capability Assessments

28 readiness measures


Empowering your teams to exploit Agile first requires them to follow the right awareness, training and onboarding activities. Quickly audit awareness and readiness to identify additional training and coaching needs prior to team or squad assignment.

Dedicated Agile 12 Principles Assessment Board

Dedicated Agile 12 Principles Assessment Board

Team 12 Agile Principles

Regular assessment of the team's capability against the 12 Agile Principles provides an accurate insight into the Agile maturity of both the team and the organisation.

Extensive Organisational Maturity Assessment Board

Extensive Organisational Maturity Assessment Board

72 Agile competencies

Creating an Agile organisation is a complicated task. Our dedicated assessment measures as many as 72 individual characteristics across 10 principle topics, including innovation, communication, people, knowledge, operations and facilities.

Identifying additional training needs, facilities, process changes or transformational change bottlenecks empowers Agile Coaches, Change Agents and the wider organisation to closely monitor their progress and adjust their plans accordingly.