We are creating to industry's largest repository of structured knowledge relating to the evaluation, adoption and optimisation of Agile from a broad spectrum of sources, including:

  • Industry thought leaders

  • Industry publications

  • Academic experts

  • Monetical user community

  • Enterprise solution providers

Organisation or tribe design


Ensuring the organisation appoints team or squad members based on competency and their commitment ensures they are set-up for success with a clearly defined set of Objectives, Key Results and a series of short term KPIs to monitor performance during the early phases of the Agile Transformation Program.

  • Organisation or Tribe Design

  • Team or Squad Design

  • Stakeholders & 3rd Parties

  • Leadership Buy-in (Go/No Go)

  • Learning & Development Strategy

  • Prelaunch Preparation (Pre Sprint 0)




A library of predefined project tasks enables newly formed Agile teams to exploit best practises as part of an Agile transformation program across their entire organisation.

  • Agile awareness and team building

  • Forming an Agile team or squad

  • Establishing the current and future performance

  • Agile ceremony management

  • Visual management tools

  • Enterprise capability and maturity assessments


A vital tool for ADVANCING team and squad performance

Open Stories are predefined project tasks that enable newly formed Agile teams and squads to exploit best practises.

Open Stories are either written as a collection to optimise the completion of specific project activities - such as infrastructure provisioning, training, or software release - or  individually to address a specific performance challenge or promote a best practice uncovered as part of the retrospective activity.

Monetical is constantly increasing its library of Open Stories from the wider industry or by converting individual account entries.


Open Story types:

  • Project activity

  • Skilled Monetical Consultants

  • Recommended 3rd party products, services and tools

  • Directory of certified subject matter experts

  • Recommended references (inc. books, forums & links)

  • Approved training courses

Open Stories as an Agile Playbook


Monetical Agile Playbook consists of a constantly growing library of individual Open Stories that deal with routine Agile activities across the entire software development life cycle. Project teams are granted an unprecedented and unrivalled access to structured project knowledge in a form that helps optimise the entire project life cycle.

No longer do organisations need to rely on their intuition or undertake extensive research to appreciate what the best course of action is. The crowdsourcing approach enables them to learn the lessons and best practices from one another for specific or generic Agile adoption or optimisation activities.

constantly increasing in value from community and organisational contributions

Project Life Cycle:

  • Project Conception & Initiation

  • Plan (Sprint 0)

  • Build (Sprint 1 - 99)

  • Certify (UAT & Go Live)

  • Transition (Support & Maintenance)

Promote best practices and help eradicate performance challenges at a project, organisational and value-chain level.

Individual corrective measures published as Open Stories include additional information, such as adoption estimates, suitable 3rd party products (software tools) and services (training), and professional service providers.

Open Stories as enterprise best practices

enterprise Open Stories optimise Agile capabilities

Efficiently benchmark your organisation's Agile enterprise capability against industry best practices.

Created by leading subject matter experts, including British Society authors, industry thought leaders and academics, the Open Stories will allow your organisation to gain first-hand knowledge and advice on how to improve capabilities across an array of enterprise topics, including:

  • Organisational Innovation

  • Organisational Communication

  • Knowledge Management

  • Operational Management

  • Customer Services

  • Resource (Staff) Management

  • Financial & Legal Management