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As an independent Agile consultant you can’t have failed to notice how almost all industries and sectors are considering or adopting some form of Agile Ways of Working and are developing an Agile Mindset that will increase their customer centricity.

Unfortunately, unprecedented levels of growth has resulted in a swarm of traditional consulting firms claiming to be Agile experts and muscling in on the marketplace that is already being successfully served by expert Agile consultants and contractors like you.

Here at Monetical we want to empower you to retain influence and control, and maintain a healthy stream for assignments for the next decade.

By becoming a member of our community of Agile consultants your status will be elevated whilst you share in our financial success.

As a member of a growing network of experienced consultants, and with the support of the Monetical organisation, you will be able to compete against traditional consulting firms and extend your Agile expertise and services beyond traditional software and I.T. organisations, which in turn will grant you access to more lucrative and prestigious assignments.

investment & rewards

Joining the Monetical community of Agile consultants costs you nothing financially, just some of your time.

By joining the Monetical community of consultants you are no longer on your own. With a network of Agile consultants to call upon for support and guidance, you will finally be on-par with the consulting firms now crowding the Agile professional consulting marketplace.

  • Receive up to 20% off the annual subscription when you introduce Monetical to your own contractors and consulting clients

  • Receive a generous consult fee for hosting a Monetical User Group Meet-up

  • Personal introduction to Monetical’s client base as a recommended Agile expert

  • Receive royalty payments for multimedia and social media, including LinkedIn activities that promote Monetical

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