The recently published ‘Agile Adoption Strategy Assessment’ is the 7th assessment from Monetical.

It is specifically designed to ensure organisations create a flexible operating model by blending ‘Agile Mindset’ and ‘Agile Ways of Working' best practices with existing and new organisational functions.

Monetical.Methods is more than a digital set of Agile capability and maturity questionnaires; its integrated library of recommended corrective activities ensures every aspects of your Agile organisation is measured and improved.

Agile Adoption Strategy Assessment Scope

Responses to questions covering marketplace, financial, offering, operations, people and customers help the team determine how to tailor its approach to Agile adoption for each of the four phases of an ideal adoption strategy:

  • Retain current ways of working and develop an Agile Mindset (customer centricity and leadership).

  • Retain current ways of working, adopt Agile principles and introduce customer centric iterations of delivery whilst retaining current structures.

  • Design and embark upon a comprehensive Agile transformational program following a full capability assessment that helps shape the future operational model, HR organisation, finance management, governance.

  • Full Agile Ways of Working and constant optimisation of an Agile organisation.

Organisation, project and individual assessment scope
Seven intelligent Agile capability and maturity assessments cover every aspect of your Agile transformation.


Accurate, easy and repeatable assessment execution
Capture responses as a group or from individuals over the entire length of the project via a responsive web application.


Clear statements guarantee high participation
Participants are presented with an array of response options, helping them to accurately record the level of Agile maturity against known best practices across a range of topics, including organisational, human resources, facilities, ways of working, people engagement, tools and processes.


Empowering teams to deal with performance challenges
Each individual assessment question is linked to a number of suggested corrective measures, enabling teams to retain ownership of the problem and find the most appropriate solution.


Allocating Agile expertise to create a lighthouse team
Prioritise the allocation of limited Agile expertise by tracking the effectiveness of a team’s mobilisation journey and maturity to accelerate the formation of your first lighthouse team.


Constantly enhancing your Agile Blueprint and Operating Model

A series of holistic reports reveal organisational-wide issues as well as the areas where industry best-practices have taken hold. Newly defined performance improvements are added to the organisations ‘book of Agile knowledge’ and are translated into recommended revisions of your organisation’s Agile Blueprint and Operating Model.