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A Feature-Rich Agile Change Management Solution with Predefined Stories, Best Practices and Corrective Measures.

Project Creation


A comprehensive online application that grants the Agile change programme team access to the right processes, tools and knowledge to complete its evaluation, adoption and scale-out of Agile methodology.


A comprehensive project tool with dedicated capabilities for the business change programme:

  • - Rapid Product Backlog Creation
  • - Automated Sprint Roadmap Creation
  • - Predefined Implementation Estimates
  • - Periodic Performance Benchmarks
  • - Recommended Staffing Needs



Product Backlog


Rapidly build a workable Product Backlog for your Agile change programme using a combination of predefined, recommended and tailored User Stories. Exploit the experience of others to identify change programme tasks, staffing levels, possible technical and commercial challenges as well as integrated performance analysis activities. Unique evaluation and optimisation capabilities delivers a Lean Agile Methodology.


A library of Open Stories is provided, complete with task instructions, recommended skills, estimated man-hours and Sprint management support.


Team Members


To successfully adopt Agile methodology a range of team members are required. Monetical Online provides guidance on who needs to be in the team, plus the activities required by each member of the team to complete the appropriate change programme activities.


Monetical Online enables team membership to be made-up of internal and external members. Engaging with the change management process on an as need basis.


Sprint Planning & Roadmap


Monetical Online allows the rapid creation of a viable Sprint Roadmap for your change programme through its unique ability to bring together recommended User Stories from previous Agile adoption change programmes.


Individual Sprint Planning activities are enhanced by a wealth of associated knowledge, which give change programme managers a clear overview of the programme.





Actively track the progress of individual change programme tasks across a customised Sprint Board that fuels collaboration within the team and ensures task owners can easily monitor the change programme progress, the status of tasks, and identify where there are any issues or blockers.


Actual effort is captured for time sheets and to generate burn down charts, and links to associated information provide a full audit trail.




A fully digitised workflow capability ensures change programme retrospective sessions focus valuable time and resources on identifying underlying causes of performance challenges and potential best practices, rather than simply their symptoms.


A unique retrospective solution that effectively converts unstructured change programme experience into structured change programme knowledge. Supported by a predefined and Digitised Root Cause Analysis Model, a Repository of Corrective Measures, Associated Open Stories and Predefined 'Cost of Quality' Reports ensures that the change programme keeps on track by learning from previous change programme experience.


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Release Management


An integrated Release Management feature enables change programme owners and project governance teams to accurately plan, monitor and audit how, when and where individual change programme Stories and collections of Stories have been completed.




An array of Predefined Reports covering Product Backlog, Sprint Execution, Retrospective and Timesheet information can all be accessed and extended with a dedicated Reporting Add-on for an Open-source Business Intelligence tool.


Standard Agile Reports including Sprint Roadmap, Sprint Burn Down, Staffing Allocation and Performance, Cost of Quality and Timesheets are all available.











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